Alpha Can 600mg CBD Oil 10ml

10 ml Droplets



Recommended dosage:

2 Drops twice a day, each drop = 3mg

Drop onto a spoon and hold under your tongue for 30 seconds.


Why we use Broad Spectrum Hemp oil

Our unique cannabinoid-profile is reflected in our Broad-Spectrum CBD oil products which are THC free (0.0%). Our CBD oil products contain naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in our hemp genetics.


What does this mean? The quality of Broad Spectrum CBD oil is of high standards and contains 70-90% CBD in addition to terpenes and other beneficial molecules.


A rigorous quality control and testing scheme is followed to ensure that critical attributes, taste, colour, potency, and purity, consistently meet our requirements for the CBD ingredients to be used in the finished “Alpha approved” products.

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