Alpha Alkaline Fizzy

10 Effervescent Tablets



Body chemistry is finely tuned to operate optimally within very specific parameters of temperature and pH (acidity and alkalinity). Many different salts are able to act as buffers. These are substances which are able to help adjust the body's pH levels by 'absorbing' excess acidity (H+ atoms) or making H+ atoms available to increase acidity when required. High stress levels, poor dietary habits, excessive levels of exposure to dietary and other toxins, modern drugs, dysbiosis and many other factors influence the body's pH. It is also known that cancerous cells prefer an acidic, oxygen depleted environment.

The purpose of an alkaline fizzy is to provide the body with some of the beneficial mineral salts which may act as buffers and optimise the maintenance of optimal pH balance.

NB: Due to the buffering nature of the alkaline Fizzy, it should NOT be used with ONE HOUR BEFORE or TWO HOURS AFTER a meal, in particular one containing proteins as the alkaline fizzy will temporarily neutralise stomach acid. This may cause an incomplete digestion of stomach contents which in the long term may lead to malabsorption with a possibility of developing deficiency diseases.

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