Alpha CoEnzyme Q10


Alpha CoEnzyme Q10 with Quercetin is a powerful Antioxidant that is essential to maintain your body’s cellular health and circulation.

• Supports healthy ageing

• Promotes heart health

• Promotes brain health

• Reduces heavy cramping – caused by ageing, nutritional deficiency, fatigue, dehydration, etc.


Quercetin is found in various fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds, and grains. e.g. kale, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, apples, etc.


CoQ10 has several benefits to support a healthy lifestyle. Helps your body function at an optimal level, as quercetin fights free radicals, relieves allergy symptoms, reduces inflammation, the risk of heart disease and lowers blood pressure.


• Due to the fat soluble nature of CoQ10, it is best taken after a meal containing some form of dietary fat.

• One way of supporting better absorption is by mixing the CoQ10 (take the powder out of the capsule) with a small amount of a good quality, full fat yoghurt the night before to ensure that it is already ‘dissolved’ in the fat by the time you eat it.

• Concurrent intake of Vitamin E reduces the absorption of CoQ10 as well as blood levels of CoQ10. Vitamin E is also important, so to prevent competition, take your Vitamin E at lunch time and CoQ10 at breakfast and/or dinner.

• Several of the B-Vitamins are crucial to the production and function of CoQ10. If you are not using a B-Complex, it may be worth supplementing Vitamin B6 in particular.


• For maintenance purposes use as per dosage on the label.

• For therapeutic purposes the dosage on the label may be insufficient. Consult a doctor willing to test the blood levels in order to determine the optimum dosage. In particular, recent research has shown that for therapeutic purposes, a minimum blood value of CoQ10 is required for a lengthy period (some patients only began to experience real improvement after using significantly higher doses and having the required minimum blood levels for 3 -6 months).

• The use of CoQ10 may have some slight side-effects (e.g. nausea, diarrhoea, less appetite, heartburn) but NO serious side-effects

have been found even at doses of up to 1200mg per day. If using more than the indicated dosage, side effects can be minimised by dividing the dosage over more than one meal.

• Do not use for pregnant or lactating women.

• If using Warfarin make sure to check blood coagulation more regularly for the first two weeks to ensure that there is no change.


• Statins

• Birth control pills

• Beta-blockers

• Phenothiazines (Schizophrenia)

• Tricyclic anti-depressants

• Deficiency of Vitamin B6

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