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ENRG Fizzies

Sugar in the form of glucose is the body's main source of energy. The combination of oligosaccharides (many molecules of sugar in a long chain) and monosaccharides means that using ENRG makes glucose available from the monosaccharides (Dextrose = glucose) for immediate energy, and also enables the body to release glucose into the blood stream as the oligosaccharide (maltodextrin) is broken down into individual glucose molecules.

NB: Both Dextrose and maltodextrin have a VERY HIGH Glycaemic index (i.e. cause blood sugar levels to spike easily) and ENRG Fizzy should therefore be avoided by persons with Diabetes!

Siberian Ginseng is known to improve blood circulation, and in particular to the heart and brain. It is also known to improve delivery of oxygen to the cells.

Creatine Monohydrate helps to transform the glucose into the body's energy molecule -ATP. It also helps to prevent or alleviate muscle cramps and reduces the formation of lactic acid during exercise.

The combination of ingredients is designed to:

  • Increase energy immediately but also enable the body to make sustained energy available for a lengthy period of time (eg. endurance exercise)
  • Regulate blood sugar levels and enable the body cells to access the available blood sugar
  • Improve blood flow and anti-oxidant levels
  • Improve concentration and learning ability, improve the ability to deal with stress
  • Improve stamina and strength

Reduce tiredness, fatigue, weakness, feeling of inability to cope

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