Alpha Pharm’s Corporate Social Responsibility in business and social responsibility is built on our core values. Offering affordable, reliable and sustainable healthcare to the community, and giving back to those communities, through support, care and education for their welfare and prosperity.

CSR Vision and Mission Statement

Vision: "We seek to accelerate South Africa’s transition to accessible and proficient healthcare by finding harmony between state of the art medical systems and superlative interpersonal care."

Mission: “We endeavour to return to the communities from which we earn, a sustainable and earnest service that makes tangible contributions to the quality of life, economic growth and ecological sustainability of these environments.”

CSR Objectives:

  • Serving the Community: Alpha Pharm’s core values are conceived through a patient centered business model, which allows us to place the community at the forefront from the very inception of every campaign.
  • Focus on Quality: Alpha Pharm strives to set precedence on the highest quality of service, products and professional care that is provided in community based pharmacies across the nation.
  • Ensuring Sustainability: Environmental and economical sustainability is at the foundation of every action that Alpha Pharm engages in, prioritising the invaluable ecosystems impacted and shaped by our trade.
  • Leveraging Resources: Alpha Pharm’s resources are carefully managed and attained with corporate responsibility at the base of all aspects thereof, from the ethical sourcing of materials, to the distribution of community aid.
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