Alpha Cardiac Care 60 Capsules


An easy once a day protocol to support heart function and increased blood flow, as well as assisting in possible prevention of heart inflammation.


The human heart beats around 70 times per minute (between 60-100). That works out to around 100 000 times per day! In the process it pumps about 7500 litres of blood around the body (on average the human adult body contains about 5 litres of blood in total). As the blood is the carrier of all oxygen, nutrients and waste products, it is clearly vital to support the health and function of the heart throughout our lives!

CRATAEGUS (HAWTHORN) has been used as a cardiotonic for many different heart issues for at least 2000 years! Recent research supports the ancient wisdom and has shown that Crataegus is a very safe and effective plant-based therapy for patients suffering from atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. It also alleviates mild congestive heart failure, helping to increase blood flow and oxygen to the heart muscle which helps to prevent heart attacks.

CURCUMIN (TURMERIC) is known to be anti inflammatory, antithrombotic (prevents abnormal blood clotting) and anti-carcinogenic. Its anti-inflammatory properties include several processes to prevent inflammation as well as mechanisms to process and end an inflammatory occurrence effectively, thereby preventing inflammation from becoming chronic. It is also known to be a highly effective antioxidant protecting the integrity and structure of the blood vessels, as well as beneficially balancing blood cholesterol levels.

TAURINE is the most important and most abundant amino acid in the heart. It regulates both the regularity and the strength of the heartbeat. It may help to prevent arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, abnormal blood clotting and cardiomyopathy. It may also help to alleviate anxiety, insomnia and stress and to improve mood.

L-ARGININE is the major source of Nitrogen for the formation of Nitric Oxide which regulates the expansion of blood vessels (vasodilation) to allow smooth and efficient blood flow. This results in improved blood circulation (including to the heart and brain), lower blood pressure and less risk of clotting or other vascular damage. L-Arginine also helps to combat toxins which may negatively affect the heart and vascular system.

VITAMIN B1: Thiamine is required for normal muscle tone in the heart. It may help to prevent heart attacks and may also help to strengthen the heart muscle after a heart attack has already occurred. Thiamine may help for Cardiomyopathy (including diabetic) and may significantly improve the pumping of blood in patients suffering from congestive heart failure.

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