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SLIMMING: General Information

Causes for obesity VERY wide ranging:

  • Diseases and conditions (Thyroid, diabetes)
  • Hormones (incl. leptin/ghrelin/insulin imbalance, post-menopausal and others)
  • Genetic (damaged, missing or mutated genes)
  • Lifestyle
    • sedentary, computers
    • late nights and partying (alcohol, sleep)
    • large volumes, nutrient poor, calorie rich
    • SNACKS (NB Carbohydrates, trans-fats)
    • timing (too late at night to digest)
    • Fads, yo-yo diets, EXCESSIVE calories
    • Food additives (MSG, sweeteners, fructose (corn syrup), vegetable oils and many more)

ONE SIZE does NOT fit ALL!

WHY do slimming products contain nutrients which help to control blood sugar?

Glucose is essential for life. For this reason, the body has several mechanisms by which to up-regulate the blood sugar levels, but only 1 down regulator, namely insulin! BUT High blood sugar levels cause significant oxidative DAMAGE and therefore pose a serious danger to health (diabetes). High blood glucose levels therefore cause the body to release lots of insulin to STORE the glucose away and reduce the danger. This causes a swing (dumping) to low blood sugar levels.

However, low blood sugar can lead to low energy, which is life threatening, and to prevent you from possibly losing consciousness, you experience CRAVINGS.

Carbohydrates & Adrenalin (Caffeine!) cause blood sugar SPIKES, which in turn lead to excessive lows. A real see-saw.

Repeated over and over again, the blood sugar see-saw leads to insulin resistance (normal cells are saturated – they can NOT use ANY more glucose, even in the face of danger!) The only cells still shouting 'GIMMEE' are the fat cells! And so refined carbohydrates become the major source of visceral fat deposits.

Other nutrients


Remember that losing weight is linked to diets of some kind - all of which restrict nutrient intake in one way or another.  This leads to fewer/unbalanced nutrients available for biochemical processes which may pose the danger of developing deficiencies. Some symptoms of deficiencies may include brain fog, depression, anxiety, restlessness, fatigue and more.

With less nutrients available ALL body systems would tend to become less efficient, including the immune system, nerves and brain, and more. This may lead to fatigue, weakness and lack of energy which may lead the dieter to undertake less exercise leading to lower blood flow, less oxygen in the cells and possibly resulting in despondency. A vicious cycle evolves and the dieter gives up.

A weight loss program can be quite traumatic for the body as it is having to reset all its metabolic check-points as well as its hormones and messaging systems. Occasionally there are also habits and dependencies (like snacks while watching TV after dinner), and even sometimes 'addictions' (such as coffee, alcohol, MSG and certain sweeteners which cause withdrawal symptoms) to be coped with. These are often the most difficult hurdles to overcome as they may evoke feelings and emotions in addition to the physical strains.


Because oxidants or free-radicals can cause so much damage in the body, anti-oxidants are particularly important when trying to lose weight.

Firstly, the liver can use all the help it can get. Many toxins we encounter daily are fat soluble and therefore stored in body fat if they cannot be detoxified by the liver. These toxins are set free and have to be eliminated during weight (fat) loss.

Secondly, one of the main goals of slimming products is to increase the levels of metabolism - 'burning' of glucose and fat to lose weight. This naturally results in more waste products (like ash after a fire or sludge on an old spark plug)! Like the sludge on the spark plug, metabolic waste products 'clog' our system, and we become sluggish and inefficient. The anti-oxidants help to flush the sludge out and keep us active and full of energy.

Anti-oxidants also serve to improve general bodily and mental health for positive, long lasting weight loss results

Gentle/natural Laxative:

As with the anti-oxidants, waste products clog up the system. Especially when suddenly eating less, it is very easy to become constipated. This not only builds up waste in the intestine, but also causes toxins to build up in the blood, causing people to become despondent and discouraged.

Bowel movement is also tied to habits. Keeping the intestines moving gently and regularly is therefore not only critical during a diet but especially also for the time afterwards when eating habits return to normal.


By far the largest % of the body is made up of water. In an inefficiently running system, and in particular in a system carrying an excess of body fat, a lot of excess water is retained. Bearing in mind that 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilogram, it makes sense to encourage people starting on a diet by enabling an initial (temporary - it must be made up with fat loss to be sustainable) weight loss through the excretion of excess water.

L-Carnitine Fumarate:

L-Carnitine is a dipeptide (two amino acids joined together) which can be synthesised in the human body but may become deficient especially during pregnancy, strenuous exercise or the normal ageing process. It is particularly beneficial when trying to lose weight, as it enhances the transportation to, and the metabolism of, fatty acids in the mitochondria. The mitochondria are then able to 'burn' the fat for energy.

In particular, L-Carnitine may be one of the few agents which are actually able to mobilise adipose tissue (get the fat out of the fat storing cells) to burn for energy. In the process, it also aids in balancing blood triglycerides and cholesterol levels

L-Carnitine aids in controlling blood sugar levels, thereby also reducing insulin resistance (high carbs = insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome = leads to storage of visceral fat)

Doubling the value of this nutrient, the Fumaric acid to which L-Carnitine is bound in the Fat Trapper capsules, also plays a role in enhancing the energy production cycle (burning kilojoules).


Use one capsule before every fatty meal.

ONLY effective as part of a low kilojoule diet!

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