B-Well Pharmacy

Conveniently situated in Samlam Centre, Empangeni

Shop 106 Sanlam Centre, Maxwell Street Empangeni KZN 3880
035 940 2020
079 214 6012

B-well Pharmacy has always been known for their large pre-mix section which has a vast range of treatment creams as well as Medicinal Tinctures these are all mixed in store. Babazile Gumede is the responsible pharmacist.

B-Well Pharmacy now trade as Alpha Pharmacy B-Well Pharmacy has been established in Empangeni for over 15 years: situated in the heart of Zululand , providing quality services to the local community and outlying farmers.

The Pharmacy is located in the Empangeni mall and has a large range of services which include: The Alpha Clinic which also provides a virtual doctor system, a veterinary section including anti-biotic treatments , dips, de worming and wound treatments. A herbal section which includes tribe medicine, complimentary medicine, sport supplements catering for runners and gym enthusiasts and a health food section.

Open 7 Days a week trading hours as follows:

Monday to Friday 8am to 17.30pm

Saturday 8am to 15.00pm

Sunday 10am to 13.00pm

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