NappyRun 2021

The Nappy Run™ campaign, started in 2011, by the National Council of & for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), is a national awareness and nappy donation-drive campaign. The purpose of the campaign is primarily aimed at educating the public on the violation of the rights of our country’s most marginalised and vulnerable – our children with disabilities. 2021 will see the Nappy Run go virtual for the first time, taking into consideration the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Our Aim

The Virtual Nappy Run also aims to raise awareness of the conditions that children with disabilities live under, the challenges they face, as well as their rights which are being violated on various levels. These rights violations include:

Denial of their right to an equitable education

Denial of their right to assistive devices

Denial of their right to quality and equitable Early Childhood Development services

Marginalization and exclusion from mainstream society

Failure of protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation

Exclusion from play, recreational, social and cultural activities

Denial of their right to health and rehabilitation services

Denial of their right to access justice as victims of crime

Alienation, exclusion and stigmatisation due to cultural superstitions

Denial of their right to be free from poverty

The Virtual Nappy Run serves to raise money to buy nappies for children with disabilities – an essential health item that this already-vulnerable and marginalised group often sadly goes without. The Nappy Run will commemorate its 10th year with an cumulative target of 10 000 Km’s. Should the target be met, The Alpha Pharm Foundation will donate an additional R10 000 worth of nappies for children with disabilities.

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