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Everyone knows that good digestion is dependent on a healthy gut flora.

But did you know that modern research is clearly showing a direct link between an unbalanced gut flora (micro biome) and:

  • weight gain, metabolic syndrome
  • gastro-intestinal problems such as IBS, Candidiasis, SIBO, diarrhoea, constipation, malabsorption and deficiency conditions including low Vit B12  to name but a few
  • anxiety, loss of cognitive function, brain fog, depression, stress (gut/brain axis)
  • recurring UTI's
  • Allergies, poor immune system and auto-immune diseases
  • Skin and hair diseases
  • Breast cancer
  • And many, many more

'Pro-Biotic' comes from the Greek words meaning 'For Life'

According to Harvard University, there already more than 500 different species of beneficial micro biota (mostly bacteria) known at this time

Everyone knows that anti-biotics - which are an essential and life-saving tool in the Physician's healing spectrum - don't only kill pathogenic bacteria but also our crucial gut flora.

But think about this - water is chlorinated to kill pathogenic bacteria. If you drink tap water, the remaining chlorine will also negatively affect your micro biome.

And what about those foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and medicines which contain preservatives in order to extend their shelf life (i.e. to kill pathogens)? Using them will affect your micro biome detrimentally too.

Whether it is through exposure to preservatives, toxins or pollutants, or simply as a result of a poor diet, our extremely valuable gut flora are being attacked, and the balance disrupted every single day! This creates a convenient space for detrimental (pathogenic) bacteria, fungi and parasites to take over inside our bodies, causing all kinds of trouble!

For this reason it is essential to support our micro biome by eating good, healthy, home cooked meals AND by replenishing different strains of some of the most important pro-biotics on a regular basis.


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