The Alpha Pharm Group standing side by side with Casual Day 2020

The Alpha Pharm Group standing side by side with Casual Day 2020

A heartfelt thank you to the Alpha Pharm Community for supporting Casual Day 2020 and standing side by side with persons with disabilities, for equality!

Casual Day was launched in 1995 and is an awareness and fundraising campaign benefiting persons with disabilities.

The Alpha Pharm Group partnered once again with Casual Day in 2020, with the theme “Standing side by side for equality”. The Alpha Pharm Group embarked on a national campaign side by side with Casual Day promoting equality for persons with disabilities.

2020 saw 6696 stickers sold nationally raising an amount of R133 920. An amount of R54 152 went to the following chosen beneficiaries:

(The balance of money raised is allocated to the National Beneficiaries identified by NCPD.)

Handovers were done to each of the beneficiaries, which included much needed health and medical supplies which will be used to care & support persons with disabilities.

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), is proud to announce the 27th Casual Day on 3rd September this year!

Inspired by Disney’s newly-announced The Ultimate Disney Princess Celebration, which champions the qualities embodied in the theme COURAGE & KINDNESS, we launch Casual Day 2021 with huge excitement.

We, hereby request you to not only have the Courage to assist people in need by buying your own sticker; but to also help us open doors to the Kindness of all South Africans to participate in large numbers.

For Casual Day we ask you to look deep inside and find your bravest, most compassionate self and ‘pay it forward’ into the world.

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Health Tips

New Years Health Resolutions

New Year Health Resolutions that are beneficial for your health and easy to keep


While setting-up New Year Health resolutions can mean getting back to your health A-game goals, by means of starting an exercise routine, weight-loss programme, hydrating yourself by increasing your water consumption and more. In someone else’s world it may mean something totally different.

Setting realistic goals is imperative and will assist you with reaching both your short and long-term goals. That is why you should take time to decide what would you like to achieve in terms of your health resolutions. Setting unrealistic expectations has been proven to be the root cause why most people are unable to achieve and see their goals through to the end. Make a decision and encourage yourself not to give-up or give-in should things not go as planned. At the end of it all you are own cheerleader and will only have yourself to appreciate once you see the results you have been working hard to achieve within your own unique time frame.

Here are some New Year Health Resolutions you can use as guidelines to set your own. Plus, they are beneficial for your health and easy to keep.

1. Focus on physical activity that you enjoy: If you enjoy something then it shouldn’t be hard or dreadful for you to do that specific thing. The same principle applies when doing physical activity that you enjoy. It is also imperative to choose physical activities that will fit in with your time schedule.


2. Lead a balanced lifestyle: Eating your greens and other healthy food products unfortunately does not mean that you are completely leading a balanced lifestyle. Leading a balanced lifestyle has other elements to it that can assist an individual to try and lead a balanced lifestyle. These elements comprise of taking good care of yourself-inclusive of giving your body sufficient rest. Being organised is another element that greatly reduces stress and anxiety. Having a clear objective from the onset helps you to plan accordingly and in advance.


3. Cutting down on sugar: If you have a sweet tooth, then it might be time for you to keep it in check by reducing sugary foods and drinks. A high consumption of sugary food and drinks can increase your risk of obesity, insulin resistance and other health related diseases. Try to substitute sugary foods and drinks with naturally sweet foods such as fruit and other foods you enjoy.


4. Be mindful of what you eat: From time to time, we immerse ourselves with food that we know is not the best for our bodies and general health. It is important to be mindful of what we take into our bodies. Migrating to healthier foods that can still be taken in moderation such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, poultry and carbohydrates are more beneficial to our bodies and keep it in optimum health.


5. Make a visit to your Medical Practitioner: Vitality health check-ups play a pivotal role in saving lives. A vitality health check-up helps detect early health concerns that you might not even be aware of. Various healthcare facilities offer different vitality health check-up programmes. Most vitality health check-ups consist of running tests for high-blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and more.

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